Law and Order
Law and Order
Devin Holiday
Name Devin Holiday
Title Detective
Affiliation NYPD
Division Homicide
Occupation Police officer
Family Unnamed father
Status Alive
Actor Kylie Bunbury
First Appearance "Chasing Demons"

Devin Holiday is the Homicide detective who investigated the murder of Dr. Markus West.


Holiday is the daughter of the deputy commissioner of corrections. She was first seen after the detectives of Special Victims Unit arrived at the scene of Markus West's murder. She was enraged by their presence and refused to accept their help.

Before having any evidence of the contrary, she strongly suspected Brian Cassidy of committing the crime. However, Cassidy was eventually cleared of any wrongdoing when the real killer, Reggie Price, was found. (SVU: "Chasing Demons")