Dewitt Foster
Name Dewitt Foster
Affiliation Rudy Langer
Bernard Jackson
Occupation Investor
Pathology Tax Fraudster
Family Maryann Foster (wife)
Status Unknown
First Appearance "Art" (mentioned only)
Dewitt Foster is an investor, who used forged art in order to pay less in taxes, most notably from RSL Gallery.


Dewitt was an investor who had achieved twenty million dollars worth of investments, however, Dewitt had to pay eight million dollars so he paid one-and-a-half million dollars for a forged Renoir painting at RSL Gallery and donated it to a small museum. Dewitt had possibly done this more than once before the RSL Gallery deal.

Dewitt's actions were discovered when Detectives Goren and Eames talked to Maryann, Dewitt's wife about the painting and Declan Martell looked into Dewitt's investment value. The detectives and Declan concluded that Dewitt used forged art to donate to smaller museums, who couldn't do anything about it. It is unknown if Dewitt was arrested for his actions however it is likely that he was. (CI: "Art")

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