Law and Order
"Diamond Dogs"
CI, Episode 5.02
Production number: 05002
First aired: 2 October 2005
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Teleplay By
Charlie Rubin

Story By
Charlie Rubin, Warren Leight & René Balcer

Directed By
Norberto Barba


In their first case together, Detectives Mike Logan and Carolyn Barek chase down a jewelry store thief with severe anger-management issues.


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Johnny Feist: $600 for a 1950s Hamilton -- you think I got ripped off?
Dave Pullman: I don't know about antiques.
Johnny Feist: I-it's eating me up inside...

Mrs. Craig: Just take the jewels and go!
Johnny Feist: (heavily agitated) You're giving me PERMISSION?!

Dede Feist: You alright, sweetie?
Elsa: I lost my job cleaning rooms, and my boyfriend took off with all my savings.
Dede Feist: Tell you what, I got a few dollars I could spare if you help me fold some laundry. (hands the girl some shirts) You can start with my son's t-shirts. He's at work right now. Hey... can I get a smile, sweetie?

Mike Logan: Rudy's not the mayor anymore, but that doesn't mean we can't still have some fun!

Mike Logan: She could go back to one of her boyfriends. Real Romeos. (shows Johnny a photo) This one put her in the hospital twice.
Johnny Feist: She won't just be with anybody.
Mike Logan: She's got a $300-a-day habit, Johnny. She'll be with whoever can pay the bills.

Mike Logan: Should've warned him not to expect any thanks.

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