Dick Finley
Dick Finley
Name Richard Finley
Title Dick
Occupation Astronaut
Pathology Double murderer
Proxy murderer
Cop assailant
Family Four unnamed ex-wives
Status Imprisoned
Actor James Brolin
First Appearance "Lunacy"

Richard "Dick" Finley was an astronaut who murdered two people.


Finley went to the same high school as Detective Elliot Stabler, whom he became friends with. He later helped Elliot to get into the U.S. Marine Corps. Elliot idolized Finley, who later became the namesake of Richard Stabler. He later became an astronaut for NASA and was scheduled to go on a space mission to the Moon. However, the mission was constantly delayed, and at the time of Lunacy, he would've been the oldest person to go to the Moon.

Finley murdered Marga Janssen, who was close to taking away his chances of going to the Moon, a lifelong dream of his. In an attempt to divert the investigation away from him, he gave the police several suspects, including Vincent Beckwith and Anton Thibodaux, whose murders he later orchestrated. However, his fingerprints were found on Marga's necklace. After Elliot deduced Finley's involvement, he compared them to fingerprints found on a model rocket he gave to Dickie. Finley was later arrested after assaulting Elliot. (SVU: "Lunacy")

Known Victims

  • 2008:
    • October 18: Marga Janssen (manually strangled and amputated her hands post-mortem)
    • October 21:
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