Law and Order
L&O, Episode 11.03
Production number: E1307
First aired: 1 November 2000
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Written By
Wendy Battles

Directed By
Lewis Gould


After a violinist's murder, Lewin and the presiding judge exchange threats during the subsequent trial.


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Wright: First off, I don't have to justify my decisions to you. And second, that sound you hear is the ice cracking underneath your feet.
Lewin: With all due respect, Your Honor, you weigh more than I do.

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Episode scene cards

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Manhattan Hall
1885 Broadway
Thursday, August 19

Concert Master's
Dressing Room
Thursday, August 19

The Stern Agency
105 West 46th Street
Wednesday, August 25

4 5 6

Midtown Grille
140 E. 47th Street
Friday, September 17

Supreme Court
Trial Part 79
Monday, November 15

Office Of
Alan Bostwick, C.P.A.
69 Franklin Street
Wednesday, November 17

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