Dominic Pruitt
Ryan Kwanten
Name Dominic Pruitt
Title Master Sergeant
Affiliation United States Marine Corps
Occupation Marine
Pathology Assailant
Status Alive
Actor Ryan Kwanten
First Appearance "PTSD"

Dominic Pruitt is a Master Sergeant in the U.S. Marines.


He was a friend and protector of Jessie Crewes and a suspect in her murder. Lieutenant Gary Rosten turned him in for fraternizing, and as a result, he lost a stripe. He attacked Lieutenant Gary Rosten with a Ka-Bar Knife so he would confess to raping Jessie Crewes. Benson pulls a gun on him without meaning to.

At the end of the episode, Benson apologizes for treating him so badly. However, he is not angry with her, because she did her job and got justice for Jessie. Benson tells him about her attempted rape and he tells her to stop kicking herself and it will take time for her to heal. When he leaves to catch his train, Olivia tells him to be careful and he says, "I'm a Marine. It's what we do." (SVU: "PTSD")

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