Donald Bazinski
Name Donald Bazinski
Title Phoebe Bernap
Occupation Wrestling coach
Pathology Serial rapist
Serial statutory rapist
Serial child molester
Serial kidnapper
Status Deceased
Actor Michael Gaston
First Appearance "Catfishing Teacher"

Donald Bazinski was a wrestling coach and serial rapist, and the prime suspect in the kidnapping of Zach Foster. Bazinski would kidnap young boys and teens, whom he coached on his team, take them to his secluded cabin in the woods, and rape them.

When he was arrested by police at his cabin, they found Zach passed out on a bed. Zach admitted to Bazinski raping him, but were unable to convict him immediately at trial. He was then tortured and murdered by one of his former victims, Nat Phelps. (SVU: "Catfishing Teacher")

Known Victims[edit | edit source]

  • Unknown dates:
    • Mike Ciliento (kidnapped and raped)
    • Enrique Familia (kidnapped and raped)
    • Brendan Feeney (kidnapped and raped)
    • Josh Marx (kidnapped and raped)
    • Sam Moreau (kidnapped and raped)
    • Dan Pangione (kidnapped and raped)
    • Nat Phelps (kidnapped and raped)
  • December 19, 2015: Zach Foster (kidnapped, drugged, forced to drink alcohol, and raped; was rescued four days later)
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