Law and Order
SVU, Episode 6.08
Production number: E5209
First aired: 23 November 2004
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Written By
Marjorie David & Paul Kolsby

Directed By
Ted Kotcheff


A graduate school student claims that she was raped by her professor. The professor, in turn, claims the sex was consensual until she wanted him to get rough with her, at which point he just wanted it to be finished. Lines are drawn within SVU with Benson believing the student and Stabler believing the professor, who is in the process of divorce and has limited custody of his daughter. The reason for this is revealed when Elliot admits that his wife left him due to his devotion to his job. As the episode progresses, both the student and the professor's actions cause their respective supporters to begin doubting them: the student setting up a suicide attempt to gain further sympathy from Olivia and the professor's seeming pressure on his daughter to give a statement to the police that casts doubt on his accuser. Both Olivia and Elliot later admit that they jumped the gun on the case.


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Benson: What's going on?
Stabler: Kathy left me.

Background information and notes

  • The "Doubt" episode is unique in that it ended abruptly right after the jury foreman read "We find the defendant..." as it cuts to the credits, leaving the verdict unknown, making the viewers to come to their own conclusions. When it aired, NBC conducted an online poll so viewers could determine the verdict. Most of them (60%) sided with the professor, 20% sided with the student, and the rest wanting more information.

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Thursday, October 21

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Thursday, October 21

Trial Part 13
Wednesday, November 17

Trial Part 13
Wednesday, November 17

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