"Dramma Giocoso"
CI, Episode 5.16
Production number: 05016
First aired: 9 April 2006
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Teleplay By
Stephanie Sengupta

Story By
Stephanie Sengupta & René Balcer

Directed By
John David Coles

Plot[edit | edit source]

In this episode, Detectives Logan and Barek investigate the murder of a 21-year-old violinist found at an opera house with her fingers covered in cocaine and resin. The detectives turn their suspicion to her maestro, who has been having an affair with his soprano, who happens to be the victim's mother. Finally, Logan and Barek uncover evidence of an obscure fact that could well have been enough reason to silence the victim.


Gillian Booth, renowned opera singer, had long ago been diagnosed with a debilitating disease. Wanting badly for her on-again off-again arrogant maestro boyfriend to take care of her in the later stages of the disease, she killed her only daughter, violinist Laura Booth, and attempted to frame her boyfriend. She knew the police would have her testify against the maestro so she took that to her advantage by suggesting they marry so she wouldn't be able to testify against him. However, her plan unravels when the detectives reveal to the maestro of Gillian's disease and plan. Furious at her deception, he puts forth evidence damning the opera singer and plans to have their marriage annulled. Gillian Booth is left in tears before she is arrested, destined to die a slow debilitating death alone.

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"Dramma Giocoso"
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