L&O, Episode 18.05
Production number: 18009
First aired: 23 January 2008
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Gretchen Steel
Written By
Richard Sweren & Gina Gionfriddo

Directed By
Alan Taylor


Lupo and Green investigate the murders of a white teen boy and a black girl in a delicate, racially charged case that soon envelops two brothers and a local boy's father.


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We the Jury think this terrible event never would have occurred without both defendants causing it and we recommend they should get the exact same sentence.

–Jury Foreman

Jack McCoy: When's the last time we offered a plea bargain?
Michael Cutter: My summation's ready. I can win this.
Jack McCoy: Famous last words.

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Home of
John & Alice Kendall
309 West 107th Street
Tuesday, October 2

Crestpoint Prep
355 Riverside Drive
Wednesday, October 3

Community Center
167 Duke Ellington Blvd.
Thursday, October 4

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Home of
Ray & Will Manning
228 West 105th Street
Friday, October 5

Supreme Court
Grand Jury Room
Monday, November 5

Crestpoint Prep
355 Riverside Drive
Monday, November 5

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Supreme Court
Trial Part 43
Thursday, November 15

Supreme Court
Trial Part 43
Wednesday, November 16

Supreme Court
Trial Part 43
Wednesday, November 16

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