Dwight Jacobs
Name Dwight Jacobs
Occupation Ex-cook
Pathology Kidnapper
Status Imprisoned
Actor James LeGros
First Appearance "Red Ball"

Dwight Jacobs was a former school cook and a suspect in the kidnapping of Jenny Clark.


After the kidnapping, Jacobs was arrested in his apartment and remanded to Rikers. He refused to disclose Jenny's location unless he was offered a deal in which he is only sentenced to time served. McCoy was reluctant, but agreed.

As Jacobs allocuted to his crime, he disclosed Jenny's location, at his mother's garage, where the detectives found Jenny alive.

Although Judge Deidre Hellstrom accepted Jacobs' plea, she rejected his offer and imposed the maximum sentence. Infuriated, Jacobs withdrew his plea and was sent back to Rikers to await trial.

Jacobs was convicted of first-degree kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment and sentenced to the maximum term in prison for each count.

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