Earl Romaine
Earl Romaine
Name Earl Romaine
Occupation Guard
Pathology Registered sex offender
Serial rapist
Serial statutory rapist
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor David P. Conley
First Appearance "Impulsive"

Earl Romaine was the prime suspect in the rape of Shane Mills and two other victims in the Kastner Rehabilitation Center for juvenile sex offenders.


Romaine stole the identity of Pete Lincoln, a guard who worked at a rehabilitation center in which he was treated, and was hired as a guard at the Kastner Center in New York to continue his rape spree. Romaine was a registered sex offender, having been convicted of a rape in Florida, but the Kastner Center neglected to identify his fingerprints. Kastner Center employees knew that Romaine was identified by the victims as their attacker, but did nothing to stop him.

After Romaine's arrest, the governor shut down the center and transferred all clients to safer juvenile facilities, whilst Shane Mills finished his treatment at home. The Kastner Corporation was filed charges of accessory to rape and identity theft. Romaine was tried and convicted of first-degree identity theft and three counts of rape in the first degree and sent to prison for life. When last seen, he claimed during interrogation that he could not control himself, a claim that was used by Shane Mills for his defense. (SVU: Impulsive)

Known Victims

  • Florida: Unnamed 13-year-old boy
  • Kastner Rehabilitation Center, New York City, New York:
    • Unknown dates: Two unnamed boys
    • October 2, 2007: Shane Mills