Law and Order

Edward "Ed" Green was a homicide detective on Law & Order.


Green was a detective in Gang Intel. Unlike his predecessor, Detective Rey Curtis, Detective Green's attitude as a cop was more aggressive and in ways like the style of Dirty Harry. This can be noted when Detective Green points his gun at a suspect who opened fire on college students (mostly women) and yells at him to confess without reading him the miranda warning. (L&O: "Gunshow"). He was Lennie Briscoe's partner until Briscoe's retirement in 2004 (L&O: "C.O.D."). After that, his new (Senior) partner became Detective Joe Fontana (L&O: "Paradigm"). Green was shot in the line of duty by Emiliano Ortiz while escorting a witness, Kenny Peluso, to court (L&O: "Tombstone"). He recovered and was assigned desk duty until he was able to resume field work (L&O: "Red Ball").

Green was then promoted to Senior Detective, taking on Nina Cassady (L&O: "Fame") and Cyrus Lupo as Junior Partners (L&O: "Called Home"). He retires after being charged with a murder. While the charges are dropped when it is revealed he killed the suspect in defense of another person, he quits out of guilt for his actions when a person's secret that he was protecting comes out as a result despite the fact that he could have fought and won the case against him for breaking the rules. He was replaced by Cyrus Lupo as Senior Partner. (L&O: "Burn Card")

Officer-involved shootings


  • Ed Green is the first detective in Law & Order to make Sr. Detective from Jr. Detective.
  • He is also one of only five characters to appear in all four New York City-based Law & Order series.
  • He was shot in season 15's 20th episode, Tombstone while escorting a reluctant witness to the courthouse. The hitman killed the witness on matters unrelated to the case. That was concluded in the Trial By Jury episode "Skeleton".
  • Jesse L. Martin had to leave to shoot the movie Rent so his character, Detective Green was shot so Martin could take the time off.
  • He's a vegetarian.
  • He lived in the Middle East and has strong respect for Muslims and Islam.
  • Carries the Glock 19 as his issued sidearm.
  • Jesse L. Martin made his debut around the same time as Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.
  • He used to have a gambling problem and was protecting April Lannen, a young mother he introduced to gambling who had committed embezzlement to pay her debts.


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