Eddie Chandler
Name Edward Chandler
Title Charles Thatcher
Affiliation Charles Thatcher (lover)
Occupation Gigolo
Pathology Serial killer
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Mitchell Lichtenstein
First Appearance "Castoff"

Edward "Eddie" Chandler was a homosexual, charismatic gigolo and serial killer who began to murder people he had engaged in sexual relationships with. While on trial, he attempted to argue that his impulse to kill was shaped by violent TV shows.


Throughout his career as a gigolo, Chandler came to know several upper-class people, some of which he also engaged in sexual relationships with. When he believed he was merely being exploited and later discarded, thus ruining him and violating his innocence, he started killing a number of his former lovers. Chandler also gave free rein to his own psychopathic tendencies, by torturing most of them and mutilating their genitals.

Chandler was arrested by Detectives Briscoe and Curtis, who were able to intercept him through his lover, Charles Thatcher, whom Chandler also used as a fake identity during his various exploits. On trial, while represented by attorney Neil Pressman, he attempted to defend himself by claiming his murderous impulses were due to his recurring exposure to television violence. Despite this, Chandler was eventually convicted of one count of second-degree murder in relation to the death of Jennifer Gaylin, and one count of first-degree murder in relation to the death of Stu Steiner, and sentenced to life imprisonment. (L&O: "Castoff")

Known Victims

  • 1998:
    • Unknown dates:
      • Chicago, Illinois: Phil Dorset (stabbed, tortured, and shot, then robbed)
      • San Francisco, California: Barry Kinderly (tortured to death, then mutilated and robbed)
      • Aspen, Colorado: Leslie Densch (tortured, stabbed, and mutilated her genitals; also robbed)
    • New York City, New York:
      • Unknown date: Charles Thatcher (stalked; also attempted to extort money from him)
      • September 20: Jennifer Gaylin (shot three times in the genitals, knee, and head)
      • September 22: Stu Steiner (tortured, mutilated, and shot)
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