Eddie Fuentes
Name Eddie Fuentes
Pathology Murderer
Mass assailant
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Otto Sanchez
First Appearance "Protection"

Eddie Fuentes is a murderer and hitman. He was responsible for the murder of Miguel Ramos under the orders of Fredo Garcia, who had assaulted Miguel hours earlier. He later assaulted Miguel's mother Maria and several others in a church during Miguel's memorial service.

Facing execution for first-degree murder and assault of a witness and six police officers, Fuentes agreed to a deal in which he gave up Garcia as the one who ordered Miguel's murder. As a result, he was sentenced to life imprisonment with parole. (SVU: "Protection")

Known Victims

  • Miguel Ramos (smothered with a pillow)
  • The church shooting:
    • Maria Ramos (assaulted; was non-fatally shot in the arm)
    • Luis Ramos (assaulted)
    • Detective Olivia Benson (assaulted)
    • Detective Elliot Stabler (assaulted)
    • Detective Odafin Tutuola (assaulted)
    • Detective John Munch (assaulted)
    • Detective Danny Tatum (assaulted)
    • Detective Milton (assaulted)
    • The unnamed priest (assaulted)
    • An unnamed nun (assaulted)
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