Edwin Adelson
Name Edwin Adelson
Occupation Tax consultant
Church deacon
Pathology Pedophile
Registered sex offender
Alleged double rapist
Family Louise Adelson (wife)
Unborn child
Status Deceased
Actor Stephen Tobolowsky
First Appearance "Bullseye"

Edwin Adelson was a pedophile and registered sex offender who was the prime suspect in the rapes of Rose Samonsky and Mandy LeCompte. In reality, he was framed by the real rapist, Erik Weber. While in SVU custody, he was assaulted by Uni Al McCutcheon. As a result, he was released on bail.

Adelson had managed to keep his past hidden from his wife, Louise, who was pregnant with his child. Outwardly, he led an exemplary life as a respected tax consultant and a deacon in his church. After his arrest, however, he realized that he was about to be exposed as a pedophile. Overcome with despair, he committed suicide by crashing his car into a fuel tanker, which exploded. (SVU: "Bullseye")

Known Victims

  • 1997, Connecticut: Unnamed ten-year-old girl (had inappropriate sexual contact with)
  • 2002, Maryland: Unnamed nine-year-old girl (forcibly fondled)
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