Edwin Lindgard
Edwin Lindgard
Name Edwin Lindgard
Affiliation New York Medical Board
Occupation Doctor
Pathology Serial killer
Family Unnamed mother (deceased)
Status Executed
Actor Kevin Tighe
First Appearance D.A.W.

Edwin Lindgard was a doctor who murdered his elderly patients.


As a child, Lindgard watched his mother die of cancer, and was fascinated by the power that he had over her as a caretaker. He became a doctor as an adult and specialized in caring for elderly patients, particularly ones with long-term substance abuse problems. Eventually, Lindgard started killing them with morphine to achieve the godlike power he had over his mother, and disguised their deaths as overdoses. He was also addicted to the very morphine he uses to kill his victims.

Lindgard murders a patient and her heroin-addicted daughter, and makes it look like the daughter overdosed and drove into traffic. He then has the elderly woman's body cremated to destroy evidence, and steals one of her rings. Detectives Goren and Eames are immediately suspicious of the speed with which the body was cremated, and start looking into Lindgard's life. When they discover that Lindgard has been embezzling from his deceased patients, they confront him with the evidence against him at a medical board gala, riling him up until he confesses in a moment of panic. He is then arrested and executed. (CI: "D.A.W.")

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