The Arab Republic of Egypt is a country at the far northeastern end of Africa. Egypt is most famous for its ancient Pyramids and being the place where Moses freed the Israelites from slavery according to the Old Testament of the Bible.

While it has long been famous as the home of the Ancient Egyptian civilization, it has also pursued a course of competitive modernization. This has stirred up fears among the more Islamic conservative folks that it may embrace secularism, and thus in recent years Egypt has gained a reputation as a hotbed for Islamic terrorism. Egypt was the birthplace of Mohammed Atta, the ringleader of the 9/11 attacks, who flew American Airlines Flight 11 into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. This reputation was exploited by Stan "Chilly" Chilton, a treasure hunter in New York City, to cover up the murder of his Egyptian-born partner, Tarek Agiza. (CI: "Depths")

Nidal Salam, a former Yemeni soldier, had a problem with Egyptians. According to him, Egyptians thought they were "the princes of Arabia". (L&O: "Terminal")

Alison Martin

Alison Martin

Although it is one of the most modernized countries in the Arab World, Egypt has an embarrassing legacy of female circumcision. In December 1997, just after the Egyptian courts upheld a government ban on the practice, Egyptian immigrants Ana Zakarian and Josef Moussad pooled their money together to hire an Egyptian doctor, Ishmael Nasser, to come to New York City to circumcise Zakarian's American-born granddaughter, Alison Martin. When Alison's father, Eric Martin, got wind of the plan, he went out and killed Moussad. (L&O: "Ritual")
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