Elana Barth
Name Elana Barth
Title Trial Judge (20??-2019)
Defense attorney (2019-present)
Affiliation New York Supreme Court
Division Criminal Term
Occupation Defense attorney
Family Unnamed ex-husband
Two unnamed children
Status Alive
Actor Jenna Stern
First Appearance "Scorched Earth"

Elana Barth is a former Judge in New York City based in Manhattan.


In 2015, she was shot by Johnny Drake, a.k.a. "Johnny D.", during his trial; however, she survived and eventually recovered.

In 2019, Barth became a defense attorney at some point after stepping down as a judge.

Cases tried

  • Allowed Isabel Cortezar to testify for the prosecution if they can produced her.
  • Allowed the defense to introduce the rape complainant's previous prostitution conviction from her home country Sudan.
  • Allowed the defense to call an additional witness, Mr. Achok, who wasn't on their initial witness list.
  • Denied the prosecution's motion to dismiss a juror she suspected the defendant tampered with.
  • Granted the defendant's motion to represent himself with Roger Kressler acting as his standby counsel.
  • Sentenced the defendant to time served for being found guilty of stalking in the fourth degree of Avery Jordan.
  • Disallowed Detective Amanda Rollins from testifying to the fact that she was raped by the defendant on the grounds that her testimony would be more prejudicial than probative.
  • Accepted a plea of guilty from the defendant for sexual abuse in the third degree for raping Detective Reese Taymor after he allocuted.
  • Sentenced the defendant to probation with no jail time with community service and he goes on the sex offender registry.
  • Granted the defendant's motion to represent himself with Sofia Crane as his co-counsel.
  • Considered defense's motion to dismiss of all charges on the basis that Sergeant Olivia Benson framed the defendant to deny him his parental rights to a boy Benson is fostering named Noah Porter. Barth chose to speak to the ME's office and Sergeant Benson before ultimately denying the defense's motion.
  • Makes ADA Barba drop his objection to Evan Braun's questioning of Benson about her foster son in exchange for dropping his possible unethical behavior when Braun asks when Barba knew Noah was his client's son.
  • Cleared the court room after repeated outburst from sex slaves still loyal to Drake during his trial.
  • Trial proceedings concluded when the defendant was killed after he grabbed a court officer's gun and shot four people, including Judge Barth.
  • Conducted a bench trial.
  • Found the defendant guilty of manslaughter in the second degree with a hate crime statute attached.
  • Remanded the defendant to Brookwood Secure Center until his eighteenth birthday where he will be transferred to Green Haven Correctional Facility to serve the remainder of his seven-year sentence.
  • Accepted a plea of guilty from the defendant for manslaughter in the first degree for raping and killing Ashley Harper after he allocuted to the crime.
  • Moves to set a trial date after the defendant retracts his initial allocution.
  • Allowed the defense to call their own eyewitness to what happened.
  • Accepted a plea of guilty from the defendant for rape in the second degree of Janie Spears after he allocuted to the crime.
  • Sentenced the defendant to twenty-four months in prison.
  • Allowed the defendant to testify a second time to introduce a new defense that contradicted her prior testimony that she was raped and her son shot in attacker in her defense. She instead says her son murdered his best friend after he caught them in the act of having sex and she lied to protect him.
  • Denied the prosecution's motion to use depositions of women sexually assaulted by the defendant from Civil Court to display a pattern of behavior on the grounds that they are more prejudicial than probative.
  • Accepted a plea of guilty from the defendant for the rape of Heidi Sorenson and sentenced the defendant to eighteen months in prison.

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