Eli Hartley
Name Ethan "Eli" Hartley
Occupation Student
Pathology Rapist
Family Steven Hartley (father)
Jane Hartley (mother)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Sam Vartholomeos
First Appearance "In Loco Parentis"

Ethan "Eli" Hartley is a college student who raped Detective Carisi's niece Mia Morino.


Mia reported to Hudson University that she was sexually assaulted by Ethan and the Special Victims Unit open up a case. It is later revealed that Mia lied about Ethan raping her. However, when Mia goes to Ethan's dorm to apologize to him for the allegations, he brutally rapes her in retaliation. Carisi comes to Mia's dorm and an extremely traumatized Mia tells Carisi what Ethan did.

The case is taken to court by ADA Stone, but the prosecution becomes difficult due to Mia's original false accusation. Eventually, on the stand, Ethan snaps and admits to raping Mia for revenge of the first accusation so she could see what it was really like to be raped. The jury finds Ethan guilty of rape and he is imprisoned. (SVU: "In Loco Parentis")

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