Elias Camacho
Name Elias Camacho
Pathology Murderer
Family Unnamed female relative
Status Imprisoned
Actor Carlos Pizarro
First Appearance "Harvest"

Elias Camacho was a murderer and gangster.

He shot at Nancy O'Neal, her husband Marty, and their daughter Bess while showing off a handgun to his friends. O'Neal was shot and critically wounded, resulting in her being taken to the hospital. There, she was killed by a surgeon named Dr. Donald Cosgrove, who wanted to harvest her organs to further his career.

Because he created the circumstances in which O'Neal had to be taken to the hospital in the first place, Camacho was charged alongside Cosgrove as accomplices in O'Neal's murder. He was subsequently convicted of second-degree murder and serving the maximum sentence. (L&O: "Harvest")

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