Law and Order
Law and Order
Ella Miyazaki
Ella Miyazaki.jpg
Name Ella Miyazaki
Occupation Jewel thief
Pathology Assailant
Criminal accomplice
Family Unnamed parents
Thomas Miyazaki (brother)
Status Deceased
Actor Grace Hsu
First Appearance "Great Barrier"

Ella Miyazaki was an apprentice and lover of the criminal mastermind Nicole Wallace. The daughter of a pair of literature professors, she was a high-school dropout who possessed a remarkable talent for kinesthetic memorization. Under Wallace's tutelage, she became skilled at imitating foreign languages and mannerisms, which she used in order to pursue a career as a jewel thief.

However, when she failed in her attempt to kill Nicole's ex-husband, Gavin Haynes, she was arrested and during the course of interrogation, learned about Nicole's habit of killing off her former lovers. She agreed to wear a bug, when she next met with Nicole, but Nicole realized she was being set up and killed Ella by crushing her trachea and throwing her out of a window. (CI: "Great Barrier")