Law and Order

Ellie Porter was a prostitute and the birth mother of Noah Porter.


Ellie grew up with Sheila Porter and her husband, before ultimately running away from home due to fighting with her father. At some point afterwards, she was seduced by Johnny Drake (alias Johnny D.) into the sex trade. Ellie was taken to his warehouse, where Johnny D. raped her repeatedly to break her. She was eventually sold at the age of sixteen to Little Tino, who also had sex with her, and developed addictions to crack and heroin. Unbeknownst to Johnny D., Ellie became pregnant with his child and Little Tino let her keep it. She overdosed around Christmas of 2013, and Little Tino lied to her, saying her baby died suddenly. In reality, he sold him to a couple of child pornographers, who had sold him a ten-year-old girl before.


Ellie first came into SVU's crosshairs when she started helping Little Tino rob tourists she was hooking up with and Tino eventually raped one of them, named Hans Erhard, with his gun. After that, Ellie seduced another john and signaled Tino. After they robbed him, SVU busted in. Ellie tried grabbing Tino's gun, but Sergeant Olivia Benson stopped her and arrested her. Hans later identifies Ellie in a line-up but failed to pick out Tino. Benson and Ellie's lawyer Trevor Langan tried to get her to cooperate against Tino. She refused and was taken to central booking.

Ellie was later brought back after it was revealed that Baby Boy Doe was her son. Benson used that as leverage to make her cooperate. Eventually, the truth about Noah's disappearance was revealed, and she agreed to cooperate and get clean for Noah's sake. She told the SVU detectives where to find the house where Little Tino and his mother kept all the babies and prostitutes. She was then transferred to Rikers, where Benson let her see Noah. She was then taken to a halfway house, where Benson told her to focus on testifying for the grand jury and getting better for Noah's sake. Unfortunately, Ellie skipped out during dinner to go out to get high. She was then cornered by her former employer's gang, who gang-raped and tortured her, then set her on fire, killing her. It was later revealed that their boss, Angel Perez, ordered them to do it. (SVU: "Spring Awakening")

Four months after Ellie's death, everyone who had a hand in her death, directly or indirectly, was either dead or incarcerated. (SVU: "Girls Disappeared")