Emily Culphers
Name Emily Culphers
Family Ron Culphers (father)
Liz Culphers (mother)
Taylor Culphers (sister)
Status Alive
Actor Catherine Missal
First Appearance "Friending Emily"

Emily Culphers is a fourteen-year-old girl who was kidnapped by Peter while at a party she went to with her older sister Taylor.


While they were visiting New York City, Emily and Taylor Culphers were invited to a frat party by a friend and she tags along. At the party, Emily tries to find her sister, but is unable to. She is then kidnapped by Peter and Wendi Baker (who is actually Jane Kalreiss, Peter's now-brainwashed first victim), but she uses her phone to film the kidnapping and emails the video to her sister's phone. When she wakes up, Peter gives her new clothes and starts using her to make child pornography.

When Detectives Benson and Amaro follow Kalreiss to a house, they raid it. However, they only discover a computer with a live video of Peter with Emily. While Amaro distracts Peter, the other detectives, having turned Jane against him by showing her their own live video in which her mother and sister burst into tears upon seeing her alive, are able to find the house they are in and Emily is saved while Peter is arrested by Fin. Emily is then brought back to the precinct, where she is reunited with Taylor and their parents. (SVU: "Friending Emily")

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