L&O, Episode 9.20
Production number: E0217
First aired: 5 May 1999
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Katrina Ludlow
Teleplay By
Robert Palm

Story By
René Balcer & Robert Palm

Directed By
Matthew Penn


The death of a corporate mogul caused by an overdose of a sexual performance-enhancing drug leads to a case with a witness that puts Curtis in a compromising position.


Main cast

Recurring cast

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The line between charming someone out of one million dollars and being perceived as a charity whore sometimes gets blurred.

–Katrina Ludlow

Katrina Ludlow: What are you afraid of? That I'll take advantage of you?
Rey Curtis: Easy...
Katrina Ludlow: Afraid you'll say yes?
Rey Curtis: (angrily) That's enough!

Rey Curtis: Pro Bono Publico?
Katrina Ludlow: Relax, Detective. The Empire's not gonna fall overnight. Go home to your wife.

Background information and notes

  • In the scene with Benjamin Bratt and Julia Roberts in the hotel room, Julia Roberts' black undershirt shifts around occasionally when she is talking with Bratt.
  • Julia Roberts was Benjamin Bratt's girlfriend at the time of this episode.

Episode scene cards

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Office of
Gilbert Sanderson
130 Albany Street
Thursday, March 12

Office of
Katrina Ludlow
316 72nd Street
Friday, March 13

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Supreme Court
Motion Hearing
Tuesday, April 14

Supreme Court
Trial Part 32
Tuesday, June 9

Supreme Court
Trial Part 32
Thursday, June 11

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