Law and Order
L&O, Episode 6.15
Production number: K0120
First aired: 28 February 1996
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Written By
Ed Zuckerman & Jeremy R. Littman

Directed By
Matthew Penn


A jogger killed in Central Park turns out to be the second wife of a former club owner, who was previously tried for the murder of his first spouse.


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Murphy: I didn't see nothing, I don't know nothing, and I don't want to know nothing.
Briscoe: Sort of a Zen thing, huh Frances? Keep your life clean and simple?
Murphy: I don't know.

Did he say he was going to marry you? This is what happened to the first Mrs. Dobson...and this is what happened to the second Mrs. Dobson. Do you really want to be Mrs. Dobson number three?

–Jack McCoy

Background information and notes

  • This episode concludes a storyline that originated in the fifth season episode "Coma".

Episode scene cards

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Weller's Sporting Goods
23 West 20th Street
Monday, January 30

Arancia Apartments
150 Avenue A
Wednesday, February 1

Apartment Of
Rhonda Levine
121 East 86th Street
Friday, February 1

4 5 6 7

Beryl Insurance CO.
165 West 34th Street
Tuesday, February 7

Organized Crime
Control Bureau
Thursday, February 9

Chambers Of
Judge Harold Kaiser
Monday, February 27

Rikers Island
Correctional Facility
Wednesday, March 22

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