Law and Order
L&O, Episode 11.01
Production number: E1304
First aired: 18 October 2000
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Written By
Matt Witten

Directed By
Constantine Makris


Nora Lewin takes over as the DA and a case develops in which McCoy feels that "the penalties are too severe."


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Carmichael: It's also possible her lawyer isn't the idiot we take him for. He held on to this until he thought it would do the most good.
McCoy: No, he's an idiot.

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Apartment Of
Eleanor Kirkland
587 West 28th Street
Tuesday, September 14

Apartment Of
Lori Wittingham
133 Stanton Street
Tuesday, September 14

Office Of
Denise Swanson
Exceptional Children's
Tuesday, September 16

4 5 6

Supreme Court
Friday, September 24

St. Cassandra's Hospital
1779 Third Street
Monday, September 27

Supreme Court
Trial Part 39
Friday, October 22

7 8 9

Supreme Court
Trial Part 39
Tuesday, November 2

Chambers Of
Judge Elaine Schepps
Friday, November 5

Supreme Court
Trial Part 39
Thursday, November 9

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