"Enemy Within"
CI, Episode 1.10
Production number: E2107
First aired: 9 December 2001
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Rick Zainer & Kit Sternman
Written By
David Black

Directed By
John David Coles

Detectives Goren and Eames investigate the death of an elderly and paranoid banker after an arsonist sets his building ablaze.




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Guest cast




"The only way Edward can sell that building is if the old man cleared out."
"So they burn him out. I'll have to remember this the next time my mother-in-law comes for a visit."

- Alexandra Eames and James Deakins

"AA meeting book, there're meetings marked off. If I were in this family, I'd probably drink too."

- Alexandra Eames

"It's the perfect prescription for paranoia."

- Robert Goren

"Harry and I had a very healthy sex life."
"Hmm... arthritic, diabetic 68-year-old Harry with the bad... ticker?"

- Kit Sternman and Robert Goren

"It's brilliant! Between us, it's the perfect crime."

- Robert Goren

"Firebug, firebug fly away home..."

- Alexandra Eames

Background information and notes

  • Performers Lothaire Bluteau, Laila Robins, and George Martin are all familiar faces. They played several characters in other series from the franchise.
  • The episode title is in reference to the paranoia of the episode's first victim, who sought to protect himself from enemies outside of his hotel. Ironically, everyone who played a part in his demise lived or worked within the hotel. Even more ironically, had the victim not taken the extreme precautions he had, he would have survived. In a way, he was his own enemy.

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