SVU, Episode 1.15
Production number: E0918
First aired: 18 February 2000
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th of 476 released in SVU
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Teleplay By
Robert Palm & Wendy West

Story By
Robert Palm,
Rene Balcer & Dick Wolf

Directed By
Edwin Sherin

After a salesman is found murdered, the SVU detectives join forces with the officers from the two-seven.

Plot[edit | edit source]

After a salesman is murdered, the detectives turn their attention to Stephanie Mulroney, the youngest daughter of a well-known family with deep connections. But as they join forces with the officers from the two-seven, they realize that their case is connected with a long-unsolved case that Lennie Briscoe once handled years ago with his former partner, Mike Logan.

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

Benson: The crime scene is a big grope spot.
Stabler: Romantic. Teenagers, honeymooners, (glances at Olivia) co-workers.

One minute you're getting your doorknob polished, the next you're sweet talking St. Peter.

–John Munch

Munch: Will you ever have dinner with me?
Rodgers: Not while I can still feed myself.

Those are not wagon trains circled around Stephanie. Those were tanks.


Munch: Vanity, thy name is woman.
Jeffries: It's frailty, not vanity, you misogynist.

Jeffries: He was shot with a Black Talon?
Munch: Cop killers. They haven't been made since 1994.
Jeffries: Yeah, because they killed too many cops.
Munch: Nah, the real reason was, it was instantly recognizable. Bullet makers want anonymity. If you can't prove where the bullet was made, you can't sue the manufacturer. Where would we be without lawyers?

McCoy: I hope to God we're right on this.
Cragen: I hear Logan's learning to love Staten Island.

Munch: You're enjoying this, these little guys trying to sweet-talk you into giving us a little crumb of information!
Pruitt: Oh yeah, yeah, it's the high point of my life.
Munch: Better than shooting those people in cold blood, you little reptilian geek?!
Pruitt: Oh it's bad cop now, right?
Munch: You bet your ass!
Jeffries: John, easy.
Munch: You did it, you piece of crap! I know it, you know it!
Jeffries: Seriously, come on.
Munch: No, I'm going to kill this guy myself.
Pruitt: Call him off, call him off.
Munch: I'm gonna Mike Tyson you, you bastard!
Pruitt: Come on. Is this legal?
Jeffries: Probably not.
Munch: I'm gonna kill you, I'm gonna kill you, I'm gonna kill you.

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1 2 3 4 5

Office of Dean Woodruff
787 Broadway
Monday, October 4

Barrett University
Saratoga, New York
Tuesday, October 5

Supreme Court
Part 43
Thursday, October 7

Apartment of
Stanley and Pauline Brecker
132 East 84th Street
Thursday, October 7

Office of the
Medical Examiner
Saturday, October 9

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