Eric Caffey
Name Eric Caffey
Affiliation New York Supreme Court
Division Criminal Term
Occupation Judge
Status Alive
Actor John Newton
First Appearance "The Blue Wall"
Last Appearance "Monster"

Eric Caffey is a judge in New York City.

Cases tried

  • Denied McCoy's motion to undo the jury conviction based on insufficient evidence.
  • Signed a release order for Hank's release based on his wife's conviction and confession that she and Arthur Palley committed the bombing.
  • Accepted a guilty plea for manslaughter in the first degree in the death of Nick Capetti and held a sentencing hearing on her punishment.
  • Warned Capetti to address the court when she shouted in anger at Karen while testifying
  • Sentenced the defendant to 2 years which Caffery will recommend be served in a halfway house in the city and be allowed in a work release program.
  • Denied defense's motion to suppress the defendant's confession on the grounds that the police denied him his Sixth Amendment right to counsel.


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