SVU, Episode 5.11
Production number: E4415
First aired: 2 December 2003
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Benson Escape
Written By
Barbie Kligman

Directed By
Jean de Segonzac


A convicted sex offender escapes from prison and flees to New York to seek revenge on his stepson, who had testified against him. Mike claims that Lee is making this all up and wants to prove his innocence.


Main cast

Recurring cast

Guest cast


Virginia; Lydia Hotel; Jersey Shore; Garden State Memorial Hospital; New Jersey; United States Marshals Service; SWAT


Eckerson: What the hell's she doing? She's going to get herself killed.
Captain Cragen: She's connecting.

Lee: Mom, it's not your fault.
Carin: Yes it is. I raised a son with... no heart

Jeremy: [as he is arrested for the rape] This is wrong. I didn't do anything!
Fin: Sure you did. You obstructed justice, hindering prosecution, plus you're a lyin' piece of crap, but we're not gonna charge you with that one.

Background information and notes

  • Double D is found hiding out in Room 213 of the Lydia Hotel, the same room in the same hotel where Olivia found Horace Gorman's body in the episode "Control"."
  • Andy Eckerson used to be an officer for the NYPD and he briefly dated Olivia.

Episode scene cards

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Apartment of Lee Healy
114 West 37th Street
Tuesday, November 18

Lydia Hotel
558 West 20th Street
Wednesday, November 19

Garden State
Memorial Hospital
Plainfield, New Jersey
Wednesday, November 19

Office of
The Medical Examiner
Thursday, November 20

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