Esther Labott
Name Esther Labott
Family William Labott (father)
Debbie Labott (mother)
Rachel Labott (sister)
Five unnamed brothers (two deceased)
Three unnamed sisters
Jacob Labott (unborn brother)
Status Deceased
Actor Rebekah Kennedy
First Appearance "The Book of Esther"

Esther Labott is a woman who was abused by her father William, who ran a patriarchal cult consisting of his family.


Esther was first seen when she broke out of her locked room and escaped through a window. She jumped over a fence into a nearby yard and ran past multiple people towards the train station. When the train stopped, she boarded the train and hid in the bathroom until she was caught by a security guard at the end of the station line. Detective Rollins approached her and offered her candy to reveal her name. Her first name was then revealed, but she refused to say her last name, instead proceeding to quote scripture.

After being looked at by doctors at a hospital, it was revealed she was malnourished and hadn't bathed in weeks. It was also revealed that she had marks from being tied up. The doctor said she didn't need to be kept overnight, so she was taken to the precinct. Detective Fin revealed to Lieutenant Benson that her underwear had semen in it. Esther was then given pizza as she spoke with Rollins before being placed with with child services. When the lab results came back, it was revealed the semen bore a close familial DNA match, indicating incest.

When William showed up at the police station, he revealed she was 27 years old, even though the Special Victims Unit mistook her for a teenager due to her severely malnourished state. After she walked into the precinct, she looked scared to see her father, angering Rollins. Esther then told her that she wants to go home. Due to them not having a case to make, the detectives allowed her to leave with him.

Afterwards, Rollins decided to dig deeper and investigate William. Eventually, she broke into the Labbott home and was spotted by Esther and her mother Debbie before William and one of his sons forced Rollins out at gunpoint. The family then initiated a standoff with local authorities. The local precinct eventually deployed a gas grenade, causing Debbie to rush out with the youngest children. Afterwards, a shootout erupted, resulting in several dead, including Esther. Preliminary results revealed that Rollins was the one who fired the shot that inadvertently killed her. (SVU: "The Book of Esther")

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