Eva Santiago
Name Eva Santiago
Pathology Double assailant
Family Thomas Banks (ex-husband)
Cory Santiago (son)
Unnamed ex-husband
Status Alive
Actor Rosie Perez
First Appearance "Hardwired"

Eva Santiago is the mother of Cory Santiago, who was constantly molested by her ex-husband Thomas Banks.


Eva had a vile temper, as well as a rough past. She and Cory had to live in a shelter after her abusive ex-husband left her with nothing. There, she met Thomas, who was volunteering at the shelter. Eva and Cory eventually moved in with Thomas, who gave Eva sleeping pills to treat the insomnia she developed at the shelter. Unbeknownst to her, Thomas took advantage of her newfound sleep to molest Cory and take pictures of him naked. One night, Cory slept over at his friend Patrick Sachowski's house, and the boys wrestled naked. They were caught by Patrick's mother Mary, who gossiped with other parents about Cory being a pervert, which Eva found out about.


Eva found Mary in the school parking lot and rammed into the back of her car with her own. She then got out and proceeded to strangle Mary out of anger, with the two women screaming at each other about Cory's actions. This resulted in the two women and their sons being brought into the Special Victims Unit precinct, where Dr. Huang expressed his beliefs that Cory had been molested. After the SVU briefly suspected Cory's wrestling coach of the abuse, Detectives Stabler and Benson noticed Cory's behavior around Thomas and considered him their new suspect. Benson confronted Eva with the information outside the school. Eva took Cory back to the precinct, where he told Benson what happened between him and Thomas. Eva was distraught, thinking she had let Cory down.

Thomas was eventually arrested, but in order to track down a pedophile network that Thomas was a member of, Eva and Cory went undercover and had dinner with Thomas and Kevin O'Donnell, the suspected leader of the network. While Thomas and Kevin were being arrested, Eva stabbed Thomas in the back and was forced by Benson to drop the knife. ADA Cabot ordered Eva's arrest, but she was released for Cory's sake. Eva refused to testify, but when the defense wanted her to take the stand during Kevin's trial, Benson convinced a reluctant Eva to do so. Kevin and Thomas were eventually found guilty, while Eva and Cory moved to Florida, with Eva thanking Benson for her help.

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