Law and Order

Evangeline Miller is a teenager who was raped by her stepfather James Miller since she was eleven years old.


Evangeline's father was a very abusive man who died of a drug overdose and her mother Tammy remarried a man named James Miller, leading to the birth of her half-brothers. When she was nine, James adopted Evangeline and showered her with affection.

One night, her stepfather went into her room and raped Evangeline, seeing nothing wrong with because they were family. Evangeline was molested by Miller ever since she was eleven years old, with her mother Tammy being unaware of the abuse and James threatened her not to tell because this would leave the family without any income.

After two years she became pregnant with Miller's child, she ran away from home and traveled to New York City in an attempt to get an abortion, which she couldn't get in her home state of Ohio due to its new anti-abortion legislation. Evangeline stayed with a friend named Isaac, who previously fled to the city to avoid being charged with statutory rape. She was eventually brought to the Special Victims Unit, where James and Tammy were contacted. Tammy and James were unwilling to cooperate with the squad's questions and tried to take Evangeline with them.

When Evangeline's pregnancy and intention of getting an abortion were discovered, the SVU took Evangeline's side and helped her fight for her right to get an abortion, which was vehemently opposed by James and Tammy, who were both against abortion.

In court, she was represented by Trevor Langan while her parents were represented by their pastor. When Evangeline was criticized for trying to abort the baby, she identified James as the one who raped and impregnated her, much to the horror of those present.

Eventually, Forreston Graham came down from Ohio to fight for the survival of the baby. This act, as well disparaging messages from friends about abortion led to a suicide attempt by Evangeline. However, it convinced Tammy to turn against James, allowing Evangeline to get her abortion once the baby was identified as James's child, leading to his imprisonment. (SVU: "The Burden Of Our Choices")