Evie Barnes
Evie barnes svu
Name Evie Barnes
Title RoXXXanne
Affiliation Hudson University (former)
Occupation Former college student
Porn star
Family Bob Barnes (father)
Lisa Barnes (mother)
Status Alive
Actor Hannah Marks
First Appearance "Pornstar's Requiem"

Evie Barnes is a former college student at Hudson University who worked as a pornography star to pay for her tuition.


When two fellow students, Daniel Pryor and Matt Cooper, find one of these videos, they invite Evie to a party. They then lure her to a bathroom where she is raped. She cries and runs back to her dorm where her RA, Justin Adams, asks her what is wrong and she tells him about the attack. She is reluctant to press charges but Detective Rollins convinces her to go to the hospital to get checked out. Evie tells them about the video that Cooper and Pryor used as a reference to rape her.

When her other videos are discovered, it causes problems during the trial and the university expels her. After Cooper pleads guilty to the rape, the jury eventually finds Pryor guilty, but the judge overturns the verdict upon a motion from John Buchanan, pending appeal, believing Evie is lying. Evie is so traumatized that she makes a video saying goodbye and goes to the one place she believes will make her safe from rape: the porn business. Rollins and Carisi travel to New Hampshire and try talk her out of her decision, but Evie ignores them and proceeds to make another movie. (SVU: "Pornstar's Requiem")

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