"Evil Breeds"
L&O, Episode 14.18
Production number: E4326
First aired: 24 March 2004
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Donald Karan
Teleplay By
Noah Baylin

Story By
Noah Baylin & Barry Schindel

Directed By
Constantine Makris


A murder victim's videotaped recollection of a Holocaust incident is shown at trial in which two people stand accused of her killing.


Main cast

Guest cast



You've heard of the seven rings of Saturn? These are the two rings of Rikers.

–Lennie Briscoe

Donald Karen: Are you going to offer evidence that (Anders) wasn't a Nazi, or an SS officer?!
Dan Jensen: I'm going to offer evidence that the commonly accepted version of the Second World War is wrong! That there was no Holocaust, that there were no death camps, and there certainly was no Final Solution!

Meretricious nonsense does not become expert testimony just because it comes wrapped in a PhD!

–Jack McCoy

McCoy: Your Honor can't seriously entertain this disreputable, evil theory! This is a conversation with a lunatic!
Karen: Hold your horses, Mr. McCoy - I agree. No...rational, unbiased person could look at the historical evidence and doubt the historical fact of the Holocaust: It cannot be disputed - nor will it be, in my court!

Arguing about whether the Holocaust actually happened is not something I thought I'd ever have to do, in court or out!


McCoy: How does a retired mechanic retain a pricey mouthpiece like Jensen?
Branch: I was wondering the same thing myself...I don't suppose he was doing it pro bono...

Green: Remember the CD you laid on us?
Mellors: Oh, you liked it...
Briscoe: Oh, we loved it - especially the part where your prints some prints we found at the crime scene!
Green: You're under arrest for the murder of Leah Glaser. You have the right to remain silent, which I highly recommend.

McCoy: Mellors can bob and weave all he wants - I have no doubt about his guilt.
Branch: You're still on the fence about Anders...
McCoy: I wanna be sure I'm trying Anders for the crimes he this century, not the ones he committed in the past.

Southerlyn: You think Anders is telling the truth...that he didn't have anything to do with Leah Glaser's murder?
McCoy: They knew a guilty man when they saw one.

Background information and notes

  • During the trial, McCoy reads an album CD, naming the music group "American Reichstag". He mispronounces Reichstag, saying it as Reichs tag when it is actually pronounced Reich stag.
  • This episode is based on the case of John Demjanjuk.

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