SVU, Episode 3.15
Production number: E2325
First aired: 1 February 2002
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Matthew Linwood Brodus
Written By
Judith McCreary

Directed By
Alex Zakrzewski

Stabler and Huang try to get some information from the soon-to-be-executed human mutilator Matthew Linwood Brodus, a brutal and sadistic psychopath.


Serial killer Matthew Brodus is scheduled to be executed in 3 days. Stabler and Huang work together to determine if he is responsible for the rape and murder of a young woman in order to give her parents closure.


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"The state can't execute an unhealthy man. It's the law."
"As long as he's in a coma, we can't get justice. What a waste."
"You're wrong. I got a confession on Debbie Cooper."
"They won't care. Would you?"

- Alexandra Cabot, Alan Messinger and Elliot Stabler

"Tell me again how my partner failed to get his weapon re-certification?"
"He choked!"
"I didn't choke!"
"Okay, you got poor marks for shooting off your gun early."
"It happens to everybody. You know, they have a pill for that now."

- John Munch, Olivia Benson and Odafin Tutuola

"One of these days you're going to realize I know what I'm doing."

- George Huang
Elliot Stabler (to Cabot): Alex, how many phone calls from victims have you gotten asking why you lost a case and what you're gonna do about it?
Alexandra Cabot: I've had my share.
Elliot Stabler: And how many times do you actually get a second chance?

Background information and notes

  • Actor Nick Chinlund (serial killer Matthew Linwood Brodus) had originally screen-tested for the co-starring role of Detective Elliot Stabler.
  • This episode differs from the usual format in that a portion of the final scene is shown at the beginning of the episode. This teases the audience into thinking that Huang is killed by Brodus, as the beginning does not show Huang's recovery.
  • It is likely that Brodus is at least partially based on the serial killer Buffalo Bill from the movie The Silence of the Lambs. Like Bill, Brodus refers to his victims as objects rather than victims and keeps them alive for three days before finally murdering them. Also like Bill, Brodus primarily targets larger women.
  • Timothy Wheeler (rapist prisoner Robert Rule) resembles and sounds like Brian Thompson (The Terminator, X-Files and Cobra).

Episode scene cards

1 2 3

Our Lady of light
High school
274 west 18th street
Monday, January 28

Sing sing
Correctional facility
Ossining, New York
Monday, January 28

Office of Executive
Assistant District Attorney
New Jersey
Monday, January 28

4 5 6

Our lady of light
High school
274 west 18th street
Tuesday, January 29

FBI New York office
26 federal plaza
Tuesday, January 29

Henderson Apartment
543 east 101st street
Tuesday, January 29

7 8

Death row
Clinton correctional facility
Dannemora, new York
Tuesday, January 29

New Jersey
Supreme Court
Wednesday, January 30

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