SVU, Episode 20.06
Production number: 20006
First aired: 25 October 2018
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Written By
Michael S. Chernuchin & Allison Intrieri

Directed By
Stephanie A. Marquardt


The Special Victims Unit must unravel the mystery of a sexually assaulted young homeless woman who has a dual personality; when she goes missing after being assaulted, the team is challenged to uncover not only her identity but also her whereabouts.




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Olivia: Grace. I'm Lieutenant Olivia Benson. This is Detective Dominick Carisi. How are you feeling?
Grace Walker: Like a herd of elephants did the Texas Two-Step on my head.

Silas Perry: [as he's being arrested] Harvey can go to friggin' hell.
Fin: Harvey who?
Silas Perry: Me Too this, Time's Up that. You can't even pick up a broad at a bar these days.
Fin: [sarcastically] What is this world coming to?

Grace: I want to die.
Olivia: I'm so sorry, Sophie. I can't promise that I can take the pain away, but what I can promise you is I will do everything I can to help you.
Grace: Don't touch me!
Olivia: Look, I know that you're feeling...
Grace: You don't know anything!
Olivia: Sophie, please.
Grace: Stop calling me that! You told me that I would be better if I knew what happened to me. You told me I would get past it.
Olivia: You will. That is still true.
Grace: You said that if I looked at the bastard who hurt me in the eye and I told him how he ruined my life, that would start the healing. He's dead, goddamn it! There is no healing!

Carisi: This guy was a professor. He's supposed to guide young minds, not destroy them. If he weren't already dead, I'd... I'd kill that guy.
Olivia: What did you just say?
Carisi: I was just speaking figuratively.
Olivia: That's genius, Carisi.

Grace: [while standing at her rapist's grave with Olivia] The last three years of my life I've been living on the street, using newspapers and garbage bags to stay warm. I let strange men use my body in exchange for food, protection, drugs. I was 18. I was supposed to be finishing my second semester of college. I lost time with my friends, my studies, my dad. You got your few measly minutes of sexual gratification and I lost my life. I will never forgive you for what you did to me, Professor, but hopefully I can move on with help from my family and friends. I'm going to survive. Yes, I am.

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