Faith Sutton
Name Faith Sutton
Occupation Former doctor
Pathology Alleged assailant
Status Acquitted
Actor Elizabeth McGovern
First Appearance "Harm"

Faith Sutton is a former doctor who interrogated several suspected terrorists after the September 11 attacks.


Faith interrogated a number of suspected terrorists using extreme interrogation methods such as ice baths and stress positions. While she was out for a meal with a fellow interrogator, a former victim recognized them and fled, but Sutton and her fellow interrogator caught up with him and were hostile towards him, which resulted in the victim having a fatal heart attack.

However, the Special Victims Unit believed that Faith's interrogation methods contributed to the heart attack and arrested her. However, during her trial, a juror had a heart attack and Sutton was able to save him, resulting in a mistrial and eventual acquittal. However, M.E. Warner reported Sutton to the medical board, which resulted in Sutton's medical license being suspended. (SVU: "Harm")

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