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Law and Order
CI, Episode 8.05
Production number:
First aired: 17 May 2009
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Written By
Antoinette Stella

Directed By
Jean de Segoznac


When a devout, celebrity doctor is murdered, Goren and Eames enter the unexpectedly steamy world behind the pulpit.

Their investigation leads them to the church the victim attended. They check out the reverend, who may know more than he is telling the detectives. As they question the reverend’s wife, a former speech therapist, they come across one of her troubled patients, who she tutored at a young age. As he becomes a prime suspect, Goren and Eames are even more perplexed when he ends up committing suicide. Their investigation shifts them to the victim’s wife, who is implicated in the murder of her husband through a tape recording. However, as it turns out, it was the reverend’s wife who was scheming all along, she was having an affair with her patient and manipulated him into killing the doctor before she turned on the victim’s wife and attempted to use the woman former profession to frame her for the crime. Albeit the evidence to a conviction is thin they reveal the truth to the reverend who leaves her.


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St. Edgar's Church; New York Ledger; Lincoln Youth Center


(on Carrie Conlon)

Robert Goren: Lace teddy, makeup...
Alexandra Eames: And perfume. Either she was planning a matinee with the doctor or she was entertaining, as my mother might say.
Alison Wyler: We have to fight this together. We love each other. We've built something. Don't let them destroy it.
Dan Wyler: I want it destroyed. All of it. I'll start over.
Alison Wyler: Without me?
Dan Wyler: With God. If He'll forgive me.

Background information and notes[]

  • This episode takes place sometime after the events of "Frame", which evidently left Robert Goren so devastated that he was put on leave. This episode was originally intended to serve as the 8th season premiere but was pushed back for unknown reasons.

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