L&O, Episode 17.19
Production number: 17019
First aired: 27 April 2007
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Written By
Sonny Postiglione

Directed By
Constantine Makris

Plot[edit | edit source]

Green and Cassady get mixed up with the Russian consulate after Peter Rostov dies of ricin poisoning. Their investigation leads them first to his work, where they learn he spent a great deal of time traveling back and forth between Russia, and secondly to his brother, Karl. It isn't long before they link the Rostov brothers to an illegal prostitution ring trafficking in young Russian woman, but McCoy is faced with trying to get the remaining Rostov brother to testify so he can prosecute Brezin, the father of one of the trafficked girls who is also ex-KGB. They eventually learn that the girl is not dead as believed but was saved by the man who was ordered to kill her. Things don't seem to be going well until they realize that the father was waiting for Rostov for over an hour and thus knew where to find him. They question the man who held the girl captive after rescuing her and he reveals that he told the man under threat. While he could have told him his daughter was still alive, he didn't because the man had sold her to Rostov. Confronted by this, the man breaks down and explains that he was a Moscow police officer after leaving the KGB and when he refused a bribe, Rostov kidnapped his daughters to force him to comply. He eventually agreed to only return one of them and the man chose to save his younger daughter since she was weaker and wouldn't be able to survive what she'd be put through. When he thought his daughter got killed, he blamed himself and went for revenge. A sympathetic McCoy offers a deal of ten years in prison, the best he can offer and the man accepts it despite his lawyer's protests.

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

Nina Cassady (to Green): It's all in Russian. Can you make it out?
Ed Green: I'm actually not fluent. I just know enough to get a date.
Connie Rubirosa: Something Brezin said on the stand bothered me.
Jack McCoy: Everything he said bothered me.
Karl Rostov: Your case is based on what? What some whores say about me? You know, I'm the one who lost a brother.
Ed Green: Go ahead. Call them whores one more time.

Background information and notes[edit | edit source]

  • The last scene shows McCoy at a restaurant in a rare meeting with his daughter Rebecca.

Episode scene cards[edit | edit source]

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Office of
Rostov Consultants, Inc.
345 East 8th Street
Monday, February 27

Loft of
Karl Rostov
157 Wooster Street
Monday, February 27

Westside Select Realty
490 12th Avenue
Tuesday, February 28

Technical Assistance
Response Unit (Taru)
Tuesday, February 28

Consulate General
7 East 91st Street
Wednesday, March 8

6 7 8 9

Arraignment Court
Part 11
Wednesday, March 8

NGO Women's Center
Brighton Beach, Brooklyn
Monday, April 10

Supreme Court
Trial Part 97
Monday, April 17

Rikers Island
Correctional Facility
Thursday, April 20

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