L&O, Episode 17.01
Production number: 17001
First aired: 22 September 2006
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Cassady Fame
Written By
Nicholas Wootton

Directed By
Jean de Segonzac


The murder of a police officer leads detectives to a tabloid photographer and the sparring Hollywood couple whom he had been chasing.


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Anita Van Buren: I said watch and learn. You just promised to close this case.
Nina Cassady: I was just offering my condolences.
Anita Van Buren: Watch...and learn!

Nina Cassady: How many lessons are there, exactly?
Ed Green: There are 740. Exactly.

McCoy: "An industry insider says prosecutors don't have a clue as to the actual motive in the case."
Rubirosa: You should, uh, skip down to the last paragraph.
McCoy: "With such rocky evidence, we only hope the prosecution isn't bulldogging the Smolka-Sweet family for their lifestyle and non-traditional parenting. What's worse, we ask, a short stay alone in mom's car or nine years of neglect, which is how long it's been since Jack McCoy...has spoken to his only daughter."
Rubirosa: They're trying to poison the jury pool. It's a very low blow.

McCoy: See you in court.
Adam Stein: Yeah, promises, promises. Hey, do you like sangria?
Rubirosa: You're tie? Really, really stupid.

Background information and notes

  • Goof: Khan Baykal is credited as "Terry Blanchard" but his character's name is given as "Gary Blanchard" throughout the episode.

Episode scene cards

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Maestro Lock & Key
387 Third Avenue
Tuesday, June 7

Cavanaugh Hotel
683 Fifth Avenue
Tuesday, June 7

Strive Recording Studio
350 West 54th Street
Tuesday, June 7

4 5 6

Rikers Island
Correctional Facility
Monday, June 13

Apartment of
Beth Swailes
465 East 25th Street
Monday, June 13

Supreme Court
Motion Hearing
Wednesday, June 22


Supreme Court
Trial Part 63
Thursday, July 14

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