L&O, Episode 20.11
Production number: 20011
First aired: 11 December 2009
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Teleplay By
Keith Eisner

Story By
René Balcer & Keith Eisner

Directed By
Alex Chapple


As election day rapidly approaches, Detectives Lupo and Bernard discover the disfigured remains of a man with the word "FED" written across his bare chest. Missing a crucial piece of evidence, the detectives decide to retrace the steps of the victim, a campaign volunteer, to home in on the challenging investigation. After the victim's perplexing past emerges and the list of suspects multiplies, the detectives find themselves dealing with more than just dirty politics. They learn that the victim was secretly gathering incriminating information about the organization he worked for. Meanwhile, in the middle of the investigation, Lt. Van Buren gets a call from her former detective, Rey Curtis (Benjamin Bratt), who is in town with some sad news.


Main cast

Recurring cast

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Background information and notes

  • Benjamin Bratt made his guest and final appearance as former detective Reynaldo "Rey" Curtis in this episode.

Episode scene cards

1 2 3

Apartment of
Jim Landy
Red Hook, Brooklyn
Tuesday, November 17

Rights Alliance
Bronx, New York
Tuesday, November 17

Red Hook Video
Brooklyn, New York
Wednesday, November 18

4 5 6

Wetherbee Paint Factory
Staten Island, New York
Wednesday, November 18

Jericho Cemetery
Huntington, Long Island
Friday, November 20

Werner & Cox
10 Whitehall Street
Friday, November 20

7 8 9

Town Hall Meeting
6 State Street
Tuesday, November 24

Office of
Courtney Owens
Rights Alliance
Wednesday, November 25

Apartment of
Lieutenant Van Buren
316 Riverside Drive
Friday, November 27

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Season 20
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