Felipe Heredio
Name Felipe Heredio
Affiliation BX9
Occupation Gang lieutenant
Pathology Stalker
Family Rigo Heredio (twin brother)
Status Awaiting trial
Actor Johnny Rivera
First Appearance "Intersecting Lives"
Last Appearance "Heartfelt Passages"
Felipe Heredio is a lieutenant of the BX9 street gang, who was hired to stalk and threaten A.D.A. Barba for a year.


Felipe and his twin brother Rigo were both lieutenants in BX9, both serving directly under the gang's leader Carlos Hernandez. In 2014, Rigo, along with Carlos and another BX9 lieutenant, was convicted of the gang-rape of a teenage girl named Avery Capshaw. In 2015, after Barba indicted three police officers for the shooting death of an African-American man named Terrence Reynolds, Felipe was paid by someone to stalk the A.D.A. and threaten him. He did so by making hangup phone calls and unknown text messages to Barba using burner phones.


In 2016, Felipe approaches Barba in person on the steps of the courthouse, following the indictment of corrupt prison guard and serial rapist Gary Munson. Felipe greets Barba by name and tells him that he and his benefactor know a lot of information about him that the public would like to know. Barba asks if he is threatening him. Felipe replies that if he were to threaten him, he would say that he could shove Barba down the steps and crack his skull open. Barba calmly asks him if he would do it in front of the police officers, court officials, and news reporters present; and states that they might not save him, but they could catch his killer easily. He then gives Felipe a fake address, mockingly inviting him to come by at any time. When Felipe leaves, Barba's shock emerges as he tells Benson about the encounter. (SVU: "Intersecting Lives")

Later, Felipe confronts Barba at the courthouse again, this time in an elevator when the two of them are alone. When Barba demands to know who hired him, Felipe merely replies that he has a lot of enemies and that he will never see the bullet coming for him. He then manages to escape when Barba alerts court officers of his encounter. A manhunt is launched for Felipe, with officers raiding his home but finding nothing. He is eventually tracked down, arrested, and taken to the SVU precinct. Barba identifies him a lineup and is told by Carisi that Felipe was paid $250 for every time he talked to him. (SVU: "Heartfelt Passages")

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