"Fico Di Capo"
CI, Episode 3.19
Production number: E4518
First aired: 9 May 2004
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Deakins Fico di Capo
Teleplay By
Stephanie Sengupta

Story By
Stephanie Sengupta & René Balcer

Directed By
Alex Zakrzewski


A murder witness is killed while under the supervision of an ADA, whose wife, an undercover cop, is almost slain.


Main cast

Guest cast



He felt anger, he just knew better than to show it. Instead he-he went blank, like he was flipping through an emotional Rolodex, searching for the socially appropriate response. But anger...that is his only true emotional response.

–Robert Goren

Background information and notes

  • The episode title, "Fico Di Capo", refers to a variety of Sicilian medium-to-large black figs with dark-red pulp, and the dying Mafia don Mario Damiano and his particular addiction for this juicy fruit.

Episode scene cards

1 2 3

Isabella's Italian Bakery
39 Ridge Street
Tuesday, March 23

Apartment of
A.D.A Geraldo Perez
Brooklyn, New York
Tuesday, March 23

Forest Hills Hospice
Queens, New York
Wednesday, March 31

4 5

Home Of
Eddie Cozza
New Rochelle, New York
Monday, April 5

Home Of
Gina Rigatello
Queens, New York
Tuesday, April 6

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