Law and Order
L&O, Episode 15.11
Production number: E53
First aired: 8 December 2004
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Written By
Eric Overmyer & Roz Weinman

Directed By
Ed Sherin

McCoy and Southerlyn prosecute a defendant in the murder of a parolee.


The police investigate when a man looks like he's been run over on purpose after dropping off a girl at her school. The man turns out to be Jacob Lowenstein, who was recently released on parole despite the abuse he inflicted on his family.

The detectives find his parole officer has lost track of him due to his high case load. Fontana and Green then interview the former captain of their precinct, Donald Cragen, and he advises them to find Lowenstein's ex-wife and son. Both of them have alibis and are ruled out. Lowenstein then wakes up and the detectives tell him he was hit on purpose. He tells them to he did nothing wrong before and now is living a new fiancé named Sheryl and her daughter Emily to the detectives' shock. Lowenstein had apparently been walking Emily to school the day he was run over.

The detectives then decide to look into Lowenstein's life in prison. They discover he got a law degree to keep safe in prison. He also was enrolled in a therapy group run by Joyce Draper. Draper however quit the project and proceeded to track Lowenstein. The detectives find out she drives an SUV and discover Lowenstein's blood on the car. Southerlyn finds out from the school nurse that Emily had fallen off her bike and she had a cast. Draper had called the school to try to find out what had happened to Emily, but did not get an answer and assumed Lowenstein had abused her like he did his daughter. Southerlyn also get the tape of one of the therapy seasons with Draper and Lowenstein, which shows him unrepentant and in denial of doing anything wrong. Lowenstein dies from the accident and Draper is arrested.

At trial, Draper denies hitting Lowenstein with her car. She is then acquitted of the crime.


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Didi Lowenstein


I hope he lives for a long time in excruciating pain!

–Donald Cragen

Background information and notes

  • This episode marks the second appearances of Jacob and Carla Lowenstein, who previously appeared in the episode "Indifference".
    • This episode was written as a sequel to "Indifference" due to the release of Joel Steinberg, the real-life figure who inspired Jacob Lowenstein.
  • Captain Cragen was incorrectly credited as a Lieutenant early in the episode during its first broadcast. This was corrected for reruns and DVD.
  • Despite having plea-bargained and having been sentenced for killing her daughter in "Indifference", Carla Lowenstein is depicted as having never spent time in jail. Also, her daughter's death was not mentioned as being caused by her. Furthermore, she is said to have instead spent most of the time that had lapsed since then with a psychologist who allowed her to recover from Jacob's abuse.

Episode scene cards

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New York State
Division of Parole
Monday, December 15

Office of
Dr. Jack Clayburg
631 East 61st Street
Monday, December 15

Eastside Hospital
623 East 23rd Street
Tuesday, December 16

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Eastside Hospital
623 East 23rd Street
Wednesday, December 17

Sing Sing
Correctional Facility
Wednesday, December 17

Office of
Dr. Evodius Peters
222 West 69th Street
Friday, December 19

Supreme Court
Trial Part 38
Tuesday, January 20

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