CI, Episode 6.14
Production number: 06014
First aired: 13 February 2007
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Wheeler Flipped
Teleplay By
Charles Kipps

Story By
Charles Kipps & Warren Leight

Directed By
Jim McKay


The murder of a rapper known for wanting to stop violence in the community draws Logan and Wheeler into the gangster rap world. One witness turns out to be an undercover officer, Harry Williams, who does provide some assistance and seems willing to let Major Case investigate. As things progress, he starts to throw roadblocks in their way, including hiding a potential witness, and Major Case must wonder if their fellow officer is more than a witness.

After Williams takes the lead witness, Carmen Rivera, out of the state before being interrogated by Logan and Wheeler, they discover he is the woman's godfather and was just protecting her from the true culprit: Gordon Thomas. He committed the murder out of both jealousy and rage at the victim's campaign against crime. The detectives are forced to offer a Manslaughter plea bargain to protect Carmen from his gang. However in the final scene, an unknown attacker corners and kills Gordon in prison.


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Background information and notes

Background information and notes

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