L&O, Episode 14.07
Production number: E4307
First aired: 12 November 2003
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Written By
Eric Overmyer

Directed By
Richard Dobbs


Briscoe and Green follow the trail leading from a murdered court clerk into the courthouse, where McCoy and Southerlyn find evidence of judicial corruption. The judge, Ruth Alexander, is a former student of Arthur Branch's and it makes it hard for him to believe it. McCoy and Southerlyn get proof including witnesses who turn on the judge in order to get plea deals and McCoy approaches the judge. Judge Alexander, in tears, confesses to her crimes, revealing that her own divorce basically ruined her, with basically all of the money she makes going to her husband ($95,000) and her barely having enough to live on. Judge Alexander explains that after her divorce she believed that she should get paid for having to listen to rich people whine about their problems, but the clerk discovered it, and the judge tried to convince her not to tell, but she didn't and Judge Alexander killed her to protect her secret.


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Opening scenes [A man fishing just pulled a body to the surface.]

  • Fisherman- Gezz What the?
  • Bystander- That ain't no sturgeon.

Background information and notes

Background information and notes

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Maritime Laboratory
West 34th St. Hudson
Tuesday, September 10

Office of
Headmaster Darryl Prior
Cheever Academy
Friday, September 13

Apartment of
Gene Marchetti
40 East 92nd Street
Tuesday, September 17

Office of
Alvin Hartmann
452 West 37th Street
Friday, September 20

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Office of
Gene Marchetti
178 West 40th Street
Monday, September 23

Apartment of
Jane Evans
82 Central Park West
Thursday, October 3

Office of
Raoul Welsh
317 Fifth Avenue
Monday, October 7

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