L&O, Episode 15.14
Production number: E5318
First aired: 19 January 2005
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Borgia Fluency
Written By
Nick Santora

Directed By
Matthew Penn


Fontana and Green are baffled by a series of flu-related deaths until they discover that the victims were given fake vaccine. McCoy charges the con artist, Elliot Peters, who distributed the vaccine for 16 counts of manslaughter. Using The Third Man as an example of how callous Peters really is, McCoy successfully gets a conviction on all 16 counts. While Peters is facing the maximum term of 15 years for his crimes, McCoy recommends consecutive sentences, giving the man 240 years in prison. McCoy successfully argues for this and the judge sentences Peters to the requested term.


Main cast

Guest cast


Background information and notes

  • This episode marks S. Epatha Merkerson's 273rd appearance on the series. This surprasses the previous record (272 episodes) set by Jerry Orbach.
  • Annie Parisse's first contract appearance as A.D.A. Alexandra Borgia.
  • This episode was originally intended to be titled Parasite.

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