"Folie à Deux"
CI, Episode 8.07
Production number:
First aired: 7 June 2009
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Goren and Eames Folie a Deux
Written By
Matthew Chernuchin

Directed By
David Manson


A couple loses their child in a hotel robbery, and with $2 million as ransom, Detectives Goren and Eames must race against the clock to find the missing child.


Main cast

Recurring cast

Guest cast


Emma Haslum; Barton Hotel; Pardue's Plastics; Hillis College; Kent, Connecticutt; Marvin Cutler; Tufts University; Christina Rosetti; Elizabeth Barrett Browning; Robert Herrick; Melanie Crampton



Background information and notes

  • The episode title, Folie a Deux, is a rare psychotic disease meaning "madness shared by two".
  • The episode seems to be ripped from the headlines of the Madeleine McCann case.

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"Folie à Deux"
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